Newtown Swans is entirely run by volunteers and we need everyone's help to have a great season.

Every family will be allocated BBQ or Canteen duties for home game/s during the season.

This is our main fundraiser for the year, not to mention being a time honoured tradition at footy!

It's also a great way to get to know others at the club.

Every team also needs:

  • Coach
  • Team Manager
  • Ground Manager (for home games)
  • Goal umpire

U9s and above

  • First Aider
  • ERC
  • Boundary Umpire

In addition we have some key roles which currently need filling:

  • BBQ Co-ordinator
  • First Aid Co-ordinator - currently filled but looking to handover
  • Volunteers Co-ordinator
  • Events Committee

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact Sally at moc.liamtoh@rartsigersnawsnwotwen

The following roles are currently filled but may need assistance, and will one day need replacements!

President - Peter Tregilgas

Vice President Football - Hayden Goodman

Vice President Operations - Kirstin Telmer

Vice Presidne Stragegy - Lyndon Schneiders

Vice President Communications - Megan McInnes

Secretary - Arvind Sampath

Treasurer - Wesley Kranenburg

Registrar - Sally Newman

Public Officer - Peter Tregilgas

Auskick Co-ordinator - Arvind Sampath

Youth Girls Co-ordinator - Megan McInnes

Committee - Sam Willard

Committee - Tim Bellamy

Contact details for these people are available on our 'Contacts' page.