Peter Boyd

Name: Peter Boyd

Team: Under 16s

Nick name: Boydy


Number of  years played with Newtown eg 5 years [2007-2012] : Since 2004 - 8 years

Team you came from before Newtown: None

Position/s played: Back

Favourite Newtown Swans moment: Monty's 100m bomb amd Semi finals against Penno

What do you like the most about the Club: It is a very football focused club with lots of friendly team mates

Why do you like playing Aussie Rules: It is such a great sport. Lots of contact and skill required

Will you continue on with Aussie Rules in some way even if you don't continue to play? e.g. Coach, committee. NO

Would you be interested in helping the Club in some way in the future? Yes...I already help with the BBQ and canteen

AFL Team you follow: NA

Favourite AFL player: NA

Favourite AFL moment: NA

Hobbies: Chilling with the boys

Favourite music: Kerser, Nebs, Nter, Skemo

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