Oscar Read

Name: Oscar Read

Team: Under 16s

Nick name:Ready


Number of  years played with Newtown eg 5 years [2007-2012] : 10 years 2002-2012

Team you came from before Newtown: None

Position/s played: Wing, Centre half forward,Half forward or back line

Favourite Newtown Swans moment: Winning by 1 point in the mud, Darcy getting winded and Roosy being an aussie hero and great role model

What do you like the most about the Club: BBQ Bob!

Why do you like playing Aussie Rules: It is really a lot of fun

Will you continue on with Aussie Rules in some way even if you don't continue to play? e.g. Coach, runner, Committee, umpiring? No

AFL Team you follow:  Sydney Swans

Favourite AFL player: Kieren Jack

Favourite AFL moment: Swans beating Geelong in the semi finals

Hobbies: Watching TV, reading books

Favourite music: All good music

Other comments: Nil

  • Number: 14
  • Born: 1996
  • Weight: 70kgs
  • Height: 175cms
  • Senior Games Prior to 2011: 100
  • Years Played.10
  • Position.Wing, Centre half forward,Half forward or back line
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