Ground Manager Duties

Make sure you wear the “Ground Manager” bib for identification.

Communicate with the umpires

  • Brief the umpires on the siren times, go through the Time Keeper’s Notes with them.
  • Issue the Match Ball to the Umpire.
  • Either the GM or Assistant GM will escort the umpires to the centre of the oval.
  • Provide drinks to the umpires at each break and ensure no unauthorised person approaches them.  Authorised people are GM/Assistant, AFL NSW/ACT Staff, Umpire Manager, Team Manager but only to introduce themselves before the game, hand in the team sheets and at the end of the game to get the all clear for no reports.
  • Ensure that umpires review both team sheets for inclusion of all jumper #’s and then sign the sheets (noting that both Clubs are to retain both Home and Away Team Sheets plus appropriate score cards).
  • Receive any umpire reports on any player or official. 
  • Retain the umpire team sheets.
  • Pay the umpire at the end of the match once the match ball is handed in, envelope with the umpire’s name will be kept at the canteen.


  • Ensure all equipment including stretcher is available for the match.
  • Ensure a copy of the By-laws and Laws of the Match are available for all matches. Copies of these will be at the GM table.
  • Have a spare set of Yellow, Blue and Red cards are available.

Work with volunteers and teams

  • Ensure that the U9, U10 and U9YG provide assistant ground managers
  • Ensure the time keeper is ready.
  • Check the availability of Field Umpires, Goal Umpires, Boundary Umpires and Time Keeping Officials.
  • Receive any formal submitted objections, protests or complaints from officials of Clubs. 
  • Keep a check on the behaviour of all Officials and spectators and to issue warnings for any misconduct or behaviour that is contrary to the spirit of the Match.
  • Ensure both teams are aware where the Interchange area is.
  • Ensure that Coaches, Team Mangers, Boundary Umpires, Goal Umpires, Runners, Water Carriers, Trainers and First Aid Officials wear their identification bib.
  • If the 10 Goals (60 points) Equalisation By-Law is invoked, record the actual score of both Teams at the time and ensure the Field Umpire is advised at the end of the Match of that score and the quarter when the By-law was applied.