Teamstuff app

In 2020 Teamstuff is the recommended app for scheduling games and monitoring the availability of players. Teamstuff requires 100% take-up from the parent/carer group to be an effective tool for communicating with the group. The teams volunteer roster can also be managed in Teamstuff.

Facebook groups

Facebook groups are optional – but if using, create groups for the whole age-group not for teams within an age-group. Consider using names like “Newtown Swans year of 2006” instead of “under 13s” so that the group can last longer than one season.

Managing Volunteers

The full list of home game volunteer duties can be found in the Team Duties for Home Games page .The individual tasks are detailed in the Resources > Volunteers menu on this site.

The manager allocates and oversees volunteers duties. The volunteer roster for your team can be managed the teamstuff app.

Managing the Team

9s and 10s

Team sheets

Footy sizes – change

11s and 12

At under 11s Newtown teams get graded for the first time. Your agegroup will need to decide if teams are going to be graded and how that will happen.

Additional volunteers required

  • Goal Umpires need to keep score in Under 11s – see Goal Umpires in volunteering.
  • Water carriers and runners are required at games

Sunday footy begins at Under 12.

Footy sizes – change

13s and 14s

Footy sizes – change

Volunteering – Boundary Umpires are required from Under 13s onwards