Match Day Set Up

There are many working parts to help set up Alan Davidson Oval for our home games. See below duties you can refer to as required.

Note – there is both the set up and the pack down of the ground to be considered by the teams playing first and last on the day.

Home Game Duties – field set up

First team to play on the day sets up the field
The ground setup crew need to be there at least 30 minutes before the game starts, if they are experienced, if not then they need to come a little earlier

Ensure the pads are on the goals post, even if they are not being used in your game, the pads can be found in the Umpires room. 

The First Aid Station setup

  • The tent can be found in the First Aid Storeroom, next to the toilets it needs to be setup halfway up the playing field, its legs needs to straddle the fence, so half is on the field and half off the field.  A table and two chairs need to be placed under the tent – these can be found in the Home Change Room.  You will need four people to move the tent.
  • The First Aid Bag can be found in the Swans Storeroom next to the main doors leading to the Function Room.  The First aid folder is also next to the First Aid bag, it has the incident report forms in it, which need to be filled out for any major injuries, these are to be given to the Ground Manager (GM) who will place it in the GM Box.
  • The First Aid bib will be in the First Aid bag, if not then the GM box has a spare.
    Ice will be found the large freezer in the First Aid room, place this in an esky which are in the room and take it to the first aid station, small bags for the ice are in the First Aid bag.
  • Ground Managers Table needs to be setup, a table can be found in the home ground change room, two chairs need to be setup next to it.  The GM box containing all the folders and spares for the GM is in the Swans storeroom, it is a large plastic toolbox on wheels, this needs to be placed next to the GM table.
  • On Auskick days, the merchandise table needs to setup next to the Home Change Room area, the folding table can be found in the Swans storeroom, next to the boxes of Merchandise.  One chair needs to be setup next to it.
  • On Auskick days the BBQ will be setup but the Auskick BBQ will organise this and it’s Saturdays only. 

Time Keeper’s Room

  • The siren found in the TK room, needs to be setup.  Place the siren on a chair just outside the room, facing the field, the power cord and switch need to be passed through the window and the power plugged and the switch placed on the table.
  • The scoring switch board needs to be plugged into the scoreboard socket on the front wall, please make sure you plug it in correctly, don’t force it in.
    If your team requires benches on the field for the Interchange, there is one each in the Home and Visitors change rooms, that you can bring out on the field.
  • If your team require the Temp posts and not the Auskick Posts, these can be found in the Home Change Room on the bench, there are the posts, stakes and hammer there.  The need to be setup about 10M in from the City end posts.

Canteen setup

  • If you are setting up on a Sunday, the first thing you need to do is turn on the pie warmer to 110 degrees, the pie warmer should already be filled with pies and sausages.
    Turn on the water heater at the power point, it will take about 15 minutes to warm up and the red light turn on.
  • Chocolates need to be taken out of the fridge and placed on the bench.
  • Non-chocolate items are in the cabinet under the pie warmer, these need to be taken out and placed on the bench.